Anywhere But Here: Music From the Motion Picture
Various Artists - Anywhere But Here- Music From the Motion Picture
Various Artists
Released November 2, 1999
Length 59:25
Label Atlantic/Wea.
Producer Danny Elfman, Steve Power, Lisa Loeb, Michael Beinhorn, Malcolm Burn, Marius de Vries, Joe Hardy, Jay Joyce, k.d. lang, Pierre Marchand, Rick Nowels, Carmen Rizzo, Glenn Rosenstein, Don Was, Wilbur C. Rimes, Ellen Segal, Pocket Size, Billy Harvey

Anywhere But Here: Music From the Motion Picture is a soundtrack to the film was released on November 2, 1999,[1] ten days before the theatrical release. The soundtrack was distributed by Atlantic Records and Wea.

The soundtrack features original music by Lisa Loeb, Danny Elfman and k.d. lang. It also featured tracks by artists such as LeAnn Rimes, Sarah McLachlan, and Pocket Size, as well as other various artists. Rimes' song, "Leaving's Not Leaving", was released as a B-side track with her single, "Big Deal", on September 28, 1999.[2]

Track listingEdit

No. TitleRecording artist(s) Length
1. "Anywhere But Here"  k.d. lang 3:45
2. "Walking"  Pocket Size 4:14
3. "Scream and Shout"  21st Century Girls 3:25
4. "Leaving's Not Leaving"  LeAnn Rimes 4:53
5. "I Wish"  Lisa Loeb 2:27
6. "Free"  Marie Wilson 3:56
7. "Amity"  Carly Simon and Sally Taylor 3:17
8. "Ice Cream"  Sarah McLachlan 2:43
9. "Furniture"  Kacy Crowley 3:29
10. "Twisted Road"  Patty Griffin 2:48
11. "Strange Wind"  Poe 3:59
12. "Everything Around Me Is Changing"  Sinéad Lohan 4:42
13. "Come Here"  Lili Haydn 4:22
14. "Chotee"  Bif Naked 3:50
15. "Anywhere But Here Score Suite"  Danny Elfman 7:35
Total length:


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