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A list of compilation albums by LeAnn Rimes.

A compilation album (also referred to as comps) is often a collaboration of tracks by various artists, often of songs done prior in the various artists' career. Compilation albums also includes soundtracks, label samplers and theme albums. Some compilation albums, such as those in Rimes' case, can consist of of prior recordings such as those on Unchained Melody: The Early Years, or of previously released recordings that were never released on previous albums or unreleased recordings, such as those on I Need You, or previous records that are themed like those on God Bless America. Compilation albums, such as soundtracks, can often be difficult to come by if the artist is not on the label releasing the compilation album. The said label must obtain permission from said artist, publisher, label, etc. This is especially true in cases of artists who have been on more then one label throughout their career, this is also true with greatest hits albums.[1]


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