The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes: How Do I Live
LeAnn Rimes - The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes- How Do I Live
Released June 15, 2018
Recorded 1996-2007
Length 37:23
Label Curb
Producer Dann Huff,
Wilbur C. Rimes,
LeAnn Rimes,
Mike Curb,
Chuck Howard,
Trevor Horn
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The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes: How Do I Live

The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes: How Do I Live, or simply The Biggest Hits of LeAnn Rimes,[1] is a greatest hits album released by Curb Records in 2018 exclusively to Walmart stores. The album consist of 10 tracks released between 1996 and 2007.[2]

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "How Do I Live"  Diane WarrenWilbur C. Rimes, Chuck Howard, Mike Curb 4:27
2. "Can't Fight the Moonlight"  WarrenTrevor Horn 3:35
3. "I Need You"  Dennis Matkosky, Ty LacyWilbur C. Rimes, Rimes 3:49
4. "Blue"  Bill MackWilbur C. Rimes 2:49
5. "Nothin' Better to Do"  Rimes, Dean Sheremet, Darrell BrownDan Huff 4:26
6. "Something's Gotta Give"  Craig Wiseman, Tony MullinsHuff 3:56
7. "Probably Wouldn't Be This Way"  John Kennedy, Tammi KiddHuff 3:37
8. "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)"  Judy Rodman, Keith HintonWilbur C. Rimes, Chuck Howard, Bob Campbell-Smith* 3:44
9. "Unchained Melody"  Alex North, Hy ZaretWilbur C. Rimes, Johnny Mulhair**, Greg Walker* 3:52
10. "Big Deal"  Al Anderson, Jeffrey SteeleWilbur C. Rimes, Rimes** 3:08
Total length:

* Assistant producer
** Co-producer


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